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SBA Assessment 2015 in Serbia

Belgrade, 28 – 30 January 2015 - The Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) Assessment 2015 Process for South East Europe and Turkey started in Belgrade, Serbia.

The kick - off brought together representatives of the European Training Foundation (ETF); Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia; Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia and all other relevant stakeholders.
SEECEL together with ETF led a part of the SBA Assessment 2015 Process. This part focuses on the implementation of SBA principles 1 and 8. The assessment is conducted through a self-assessment by each country, in this case Serbia.

Furthermore, it is carried out through a peer review by experts from neighbouring SEECEL partner countries and an external - assessment (by experts and policy makers from the stakeholder institutions in each country with their counterparts from SEECEL and ETF).
SEECEL was represented by: Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director; Mr Stjepan Srhoj, Programme Officer and Liaison; and Mr Thomas Farnell, Entrepreneurial Learning Expert.
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