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SEECEL activities move up a gear with approval of key implementation lines

At its meeting in Skopje on 25 February, SEECEL Steering Committee approved the key implementation lines for execution of the activities for entrepreneurial learning secondary and higher education as well as activities for the regional task group on training needs analysis.
Efka Heder of SEECEL provided the Committee with an update on all activities and underlined that EU funds on account allowed for activities to move forward.
Draft terms of reference for the task groups were considered by the Steering Committee with Committee members keen to maximise the potential for national experts to bring value to all regional development efforts. Discussion particularly focused on procedures and conditions for detaching national experts to support SEECEL activities in the core areas of its work programme agreed in October 2009.

Ms Heder underlined that the detached expert drive was pioneering for multi-country projects in the pre-accession region and asked the Committee for its fullest support for the initiative.
Marko Curavic of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Industry and Entrepreneurship reinforced concerns raised by a number of countries that a flexible framework for engaging national experts would be required given different circumstances for national officials and university staff whose know-how was being sought.
The Steering Committee agreed to study the proposals for each of the core projects and provide written feedback to the SEECEL team.
The meeting also agreed the appointment of the next Management Support Team. Thanking Gavril Lasku of Albania and Ivica Miodrag for their support in the period October 2009-February 2010, Efka Heder welcomed Imerali Baftijari of the Ministry of Economy of Macedonia and Naser Grajcevci of the Kosovo Small Business Agency as the next in the rotating management system. The Management Support Team provides immediate support and back up to SEECEL as and when required.
Finally, the Steering Committee confirmed the appointment of Efka Heder as Director of SEECEL. Ms Heder had been acting director since SEECEL started its activities in summer 2009.
The SEECEL Steering Committee was hosted by the Macedonian Ministry of Economy. The next meeting of the Committee will be held in October.
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