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SEECEL and ETF moving forward on 'Four Point Plan'

Turin, Italy 14 January 2014 – Meeting between SEECEL and ETF was organised to advance developments related to the SBA assessment according to the 'FOUR POINT PLAN' for 2014-2017.

SEECEL was welcomed by Ms Serban, ETF Director and the ETF’s entrepreneurial team.

Ms Serban highlighted the importance of this successful collaboration which supports the pre-accession region in the process of the implementation of the SBA assessment of enterprise skills, but also on the enhancement of women's entrepreneurship policies. She pointed out that SEECEL has an important role in meeting these plans and objectives.
Mr Anthony Gribben, Head of Team - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at ETF, indicated that SEECEL’s work on learning outcomes so far can serve as an important starting point for the green competence to support the EU initiative on green jobs.

On this occasion, Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, made a presentation to the ETF team on “Presentation and Knowledge Sharing Session: South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning“.

Ms Heder was accompanied by Ms Maja Ljubić, Assistant Director, Ms Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director and Ms Sonja Šegvić, Office and Event Manager.

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