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SEECEL at High Level Teacher Training Symposium

SEECEL presented its activities to representatives of EU 27 states at the High Level Symposium on Entrepreneurship Education in Budapest on the 7th and 8th of April 2011.

The symposium drew policy makers, teachers and entrepreneurs from all member states where they discussed policy recommendations for teacher training in entrepreneurial learning across the EU. In a series ofof presentations and innovation workshops, participants were able to share and combine their own expertise with that of others, as well as learn about existing good practice initiatives and projects.

Mr Anthony Gribben from the European Training Foundation who led one of the innovation workshops at the Budapest meeting said, 'getting education and economy policy makers together on a common agenda like entrepreneurship education is critical if Europe wants to move forward in this area. Add teacher trainers to the equation and you ensure relevance of the agenda. And relevance means pupils, teachers, schools and local communities. This is a multi-constituency affair'.

Ms Maja Ljubić, SEECEL programme development coordinator, presented SEECEL's current achievements in the field of teacher training, particularly focusing on developed pilot modules as well as the ISCED 2 and ISCED 5/6 level pilot phase that is set to run later this year. Ms Ljubić commented that "it was an immense pleasure to be able to present the region and its achievements in entrepreneurial learning to our colleagues in the European Union.

This sharing of experience and good practice will allow both the EU and the pre-accession countries to develop robust systems which will develop a new generation of entrepreneurial literate students."

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