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SEECEL at RCI meeting

SEECEL took part in OECD Regional Competitiveness Initiative meeting 8th - 10th of June in Split, Croatia.

The meeting covered a variety of topics aimed at improving the competitivness of Western Balkans as a region and drew all relevant regional and international stakeholders. The initial sessions covered skills for innovation, strenghtening linkages between governments industry and research, as well as a discussion on the role and importance of Europe 2020 strategy for pre-accession countries. The meeting was concluded with a special session with European Union representatives. Mr Bo Caperman from DG Enlargement and SEECEL Steering Committe member highlighted the future of funding for human capital development programmes in the region and presented a timeline for future projects. He noted that the EU is continuing to support Western Balkans largely due to the advancements and achievements that the region has so far demonstrated. 

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director, presented SEECEL and its activities in the region. In particular she focused on the upcoming strategic pilot phase where SEECEL national expert work group recommendations will be piloted in eight SEECEL member states. Mr Caperman further added that SEECEL is a good practice example of regional cooperation and that full national ownership of the regional process has resulted in intense and dedicated engagement of all SEECEL member states and has helped to develop realistic targets and recommendations as well as a new boost to the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship in the region.

Ms Maja Ljubić, SEECEL Programme Development Coordinator, reflected that: "it was great having the opportunity to present the region's accomplishements in front of international organisations. To be able to sit with them at the same table shows that the region has taken responsibilty for its own development and has realized that our greatest strengths lie within."
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