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SEECEL attends 5th HEInnovate Facilitator/Steering Group Meeting

Brussels, 20 October 2016 – SEECEL attended the 5th HEInnovate Facilitator/Steering Group meeting in Brussels on 20th October March 2016.

HEInnovate is an online self-assessment tool for entrepreneurial higher education institutions. It is an initiative of the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) and the OECD LEED forum, and is supported by a panel of independent experts (the HEInnovate Facilitator/Steering Group), including a SEECEL representative.

The 5th HEInnovate Facilitator/Steering Group focused on the future of the HEinnovate tool based on the results so far. Until 2016, around 750 higher education institutions have used the HEInnovate tool (from all EU counties, as well as from other continents) and over 4000 self-assessments have been made. Key points in the discussion included:
The conclusions of the discussions were noted by Technopolis (the organisation in charge of coordinating and administering the HEInnovate tool) and will be built into planning HEInnovate’s next development phase.

SEECEL was represented at the meeting by Mr Thomas Farnell, Entrepreneurial Learning Expert.
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