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SEECEL concludes higher education working meeting

SEECEL hosted an ISCED 5/6 working meeting in Skopje on the 23rd and 24th of February 2011. The meeting was a culmination of several months’ intensive work on the SEECEL Community of Practice where national and international experts discussed and defined prerequisites for SEECEL future actions in the field of entrepreneurial learning in higher education, with a focus on non-business studies.

Dr Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov, Deputy Minister of Economy, addressed the meeting and stressed that “Entrepreneurial learning in tertiary education is particularly important to those students from non business disciplines as it promotes their entrepreneurial spirit and generates economic stability and growth.”

The main focus of the meeting were two work groups that form the base and the framework for the SEECEL pilot phase due to start later this year.

Mr. Lassaad Mezghani, Tunisian international expert, headed the Learning Outcome work group. “We had a difficult task of creating three pilotable modules with defined learning outcomes, methods and assessments. Creating a synergy between existing capacity and planned outcomes was not easy, but robust discussion and significant expertise on behalf of the national experts ensured we all walked away from the meeting with a deep sense of accomplishment.” said Mr Mezghani.

The Entrepreneurial University Model work group specified criteria for the selection of pilot faculties and proposed three different models of an entrepreneurial university. Mr Gavril Lasku, Albanian international expert, reflected that: “What has been accomplished here will certainly assist in creating a solid and workable model of entrepreneurial faculties and universities, which will fuel further innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation in the region.”

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL director, closed the meeting by saying that “we should all be extremely pleased with what has been achieved here. The consensus that was reached will enable all SEECEL member states to equally and fully participate in the pilot phase, which, keeping in mind the size of certain countries, is no small achievement.”
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