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SEECEL Director nominated as finalist for Startup Nations Award

Zagreb, 30 September 2016 ­- SEECEL Director Ms Efka Heder has been nominated as one five finalists for the Startup Nations Award for Groundbreaking Policy Thinking, organised by the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

The award recognises individuals or organisations for their instrumental analysis, innovative policy approaches or groundbreaking programme concepts that significantly expand the frontier of entrepreneurship policy thinking around the world.

Ms. Heder was selected as a finalist for her work and commitment toward scaling entrepreneurship education efforts across Southeastern Europe, and fostering regional stability through cross-border entrepreneurship education collaboration. Despite a context of political instability and socioeconomic challenges in South East Europe, Ms. Heder elevated entrepreneurial learning as a priority policy area – resulting in a unique combination of national ownership, regional cooperation and policy learning.

Cristina Fernandez, director of policy and research for the Global Entrepreneurship Network. stated that “the high-level Selection Committee chose these finalists for their proven track record in designing and implementing innovative projects and initiatives with great promise for being replicated in other locations. Brilliant and dedicated minds around the world are hard at work helping to create the right environment to advance entrepreneurial growth via intellectual direction that leads to smarter, evidence-based policymaking.”

For more information about the Award and the finalist, please see here
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