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SEECEL in regional VET conference

Maja Ljubić, SEECEL's Programe Development Coordinator, participated in a regional event jointly organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the Turkish Government between 4 and 6 October 2010 in Sanlirufa, Turkey.

The event was hosted in order to further facilitate the discussions at regional level focusing on the providers of Life Long Learning (LLL), including schools, training centres, NGOs etc.,and their staff as the core actors in the implementation of inclusive policy. Ms. Ljubić was invited to introduce and represent SEECEL and its work in the field of teacher training in the region as a best practice example.
The event is a continuation of an ETF commissioned seven country report series (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) on ”Mapping Policies and Practices for the Preparation of Teachers for Inclusive Education in Contexts of Social and Cultural Diversity” with the overall aim to contribute to the promotion of inclusive education and training policies and practices.
The participants visited Vocational Education and Training schools and enterprises as training providers in Sanilurfa. The discussion focued on factors and support needed for the key actors to change their approaches in order to accommodate all the different needs of all the learners and how to adapt the learning context and pedagogies.

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