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SEECEL in Serbian Parliament

As a part of Republic of Serbia's national development of an entrepreneurial learning strategy, SEECEL was invited to attend an open discussion in the Serbian parliament on the 30th of November 2010 on the topic of „Introducing entrepreneurial learning into Serbia's education“.

The meeting was a continuation of a national initiative in Serbia for life long entrepreneurial learning in line with EU policy essentials as a part of Serbia's progress to becoming an EU candidate country.

In attendance were, amongst others, members of parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Education, Civic Initiatives, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Kragujevac University, as well as national business associations and other non governmental institutions and organisations.

Gordana Čomić, vice president of the Serbian parliament, opened the discussion floor by stressing that „We must assist governmental institutions, organisations, businesses, civic associations and individuals to understand that entrepreneurial learning, and learning in general, never stops“.

Mr. Milan Vučković, president of the Committee for Youth and Sports, added that „entrepreneurial learning in Serbia exists in the form of special education and courses, but we must accomplish that it is all encompassing and present at all levels of education and training.“

Verica Babić, professor at the department of Economics at the University of Kragujevac, which this year was promoted by the Europeaning Training Foundatin as good practice example for entrepreneurial learning at higher education, explained that „we need to build an entrepreneurial mindset because one of the eight key competences identified in the recently enacted education law in Serbia is entrepreneurship.’

Ms. Efka Heder, SEECEL director, was invited to present SEECEL activities on a regional level, as well as the efforts and work that Serbian SEECEL colleagues and experts have accomplished so far. „Serbia has contributed significantly to the SEECEL process and we are very happy to have the opportunity to partake in such a high level national discussion of one of our member states“ said Ms. Heder.

Mr. Anthony Gribben of the European Training Foundation said that „This is an important step for comprehensive implementation of the Small Business Act human capital development principles, and an important step for Serbia as a whole.“
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