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SEECEL presents at EU-Danube Strategy meeting

SEECEL presented its activities to government representatives from Croatia and Germany during an economy-focused meeting in Bad-Mergentheim on 28th January 2011. The meeting is a part of preparations for Bad-Wurttember and Croatia to jointly coordinate Priority Area 8 of the EU-Danube strategy. Priority Area 8 aims to support the competitiveness of enterprises, including cluster development in 8 EU member states and 6 pre-accession countries, all part of the Danube region.

SEECEL was invited to present developments in the field of entrepreneurial learning as this directly connects to the effective implementation of measures provided for under the Small Business Act for Europe, one of key actions under Priority Area 8. Furthermore, SEECEL also covers certain aspects of Priority Area 9, which is investment in people and skills, a tie-in to Priority Area 8.
Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL director, explained that “it was certainly a pleasure for SEECEL to receive this invitation, as it is only a recognition of the immense efforts that countries of South East Europe have invested in developing their own human capital and SME’s in particular.” 

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