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SEECEL primary education work group meeting concluded

SEECEL hosted an ISCED 2 working meeting in Budva between the 19th and the 21st January 2011. The meeting was a culmination of several months’ intensive work on the SEECEL Community of Practice where national and international experts discussed and defined prerequisites for SEECEL future actions in the field of entrepreneurial learning at the level of primary obligatory education.

Mr. Dragan Kujovic, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Montenegro, opened the meeting by saying that “Montenegro is very pleased to be a part of [SEECEL] and offers full support to regional cohesion and this process.”

The main focus of the meeting were three work groups that form the base and the framework for the SEECEL pilot phase due to start later this year.

Mr. Hans Joergen Knudsen, Danish international expert, headed the Learning Outcome work group. “We focused on developing achievable learning outcomes for entrepreneurial learning in five key areas of national curricula that will then be piloted by primary schools in all eight countries” said Mr. Knudsen.

The Teacher Training work group discussed and created guidelines and recommendations for pre- and in-service training of teachers, and developed sample modules to be piloted. Susanne Gottlieb, Danish international expert, remarked that “it was a delight to sit at the same table with so many different countries and have so many varied inputs. The discussion was never easy, but I think we turned every obstacle into an opportunity.” 

The Entrepreneurial School Model work group specified criteria for the selection of pilot schools, critera for evaluation of pilot schools’ entrepreneurial capacity upon completion of the pilot phase, and guidelines and recommendations for school management.

“We have reached significant milestones here in Budva, most notably, we have reached a complete consensus on all outstanding issues” said Maja Ljubic, SEECEL’s programme development coordinator, further adding that “it was impressive to see countries like Turkey and Montenegro, with such great differences in population numbers and approaches to primary education, sit side by side and define concrete suggestions that are applicable to all SEE countries.” Ms. Efka Heder, SEECEL director, also added that “we are very proud of the work that our teacher training group has accomplished – especially as this year the European Commission has decided to focus on Teacher Training for Entrepreneurial Learning and a symposium will be held later this year.”
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