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SEECEL Receives KEN Award

On June 11 2012 in Maribor, Slovenia, SEECEL received the Knowledge Economy Network international Best Practise Award for "original and successful practise in any domain of knowledge society and economy development" and especially for "good practice in successful regional cooperation in training and education."

The purpose of this global award is to “acknowledge exceptional achievement of policy makers and performance of stakeholders in various fields of knowledge economy” with a particular emphasis on human capital.
The awards, which have been running since 2005, focus on three key criteria: originality, effectiveness and scope of impact. 

SEECEL is very pleased to receive this award on behalf of all SEECEL member states as it recognizes the work, cooperation and achievements of eight SEE countries in developing a knowledge economy through better and more developed human capital. Entrepreneurial literacy remains a crucial element in fostering the development of knowledge-oriented and sustainable economies and this award confirms that the communal efforts, ideas and developments of eight countries are in line with a greater move to foster the development of knowledge economies.
SEECEL would like to thank all of its key supporters: the European Commission, all SEECEL member states, the Croatian Chamber of Economy and especially the Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts for giving constant and full support for implementation of SEECEL strategic operations.
Other recepients of the Awards are as follows: Japanese Ministry of Education for successful reform of the tertiary education system, TUBITAK from Turkey for contribution of public and private R&D funding to economic growth, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Innovation for successful and comprehensive innovation system, United States Small Business Administration for support to SMEs and venture capital leveraging, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for worldwide promotion of knowledge, European Affairs Fund from Vojvodina for good practice in multicultural education and the York University Knowledge Mobilisation Unit for involving all Triple Helix partners.
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