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SEECEL's final conference on Entrepreneurial Learning

Šibenik, 17 – 19 October 2016 – The South East Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) organized and hosted 2nd Entrepreneurial Camp in wonderful Šibenik and with this conference wanted to celebrate the completion of the project focused on the implementation of entrepreneurial learning as a key competence in order to develop the entrepreneurial eco-system and entrepreneurial society.

Starting in 2013, this project involved more than 130 educational institutions, primary and secondary schools and colleges, 12 business support institutions, which included more than 2,500 businesses and a number of experts from eight SEECEL's member states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey).This event also presented the achievements and structured regional cooperation inside SEECEL's Entrepreneurial Network, highlighted examples of good practice and set guidelines for further strengthening of entrepreneurial climate in society.

The SEECEL's conference was a large-scale international event, gathering over 400 participants in the area of entrepreneurial learning and SME skills: students, teachers, school and faculty management from SEECEL Entrepreneurship Network, pool of experts, members of national ministries of education and economy from SEECEL member states, representatives of the business world, international guest speakers, international organisations representatives, members of relevant EU bodies and others.

The Conference was also considered as basis for further development of entrepreneurially literate societies and alignment of national policies with EU recommendations and policy essentials related to lifelong entrepreneurial learning.

SEECEL Team wants to express their gratitude to all the participants involved and remember to always, no matter what you do in life, think to act entrepreneurially.

During this event, a side event within the project of the European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork (EE-HUB) entitled round table on perspectives of life-long entrepreneurial learning, chaired by Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director was held. The meeting was organised as a closed group of high level officials, members of SEECEL Steering Committee, international experts and it was held in fortress Barone to demonstrate past and future working together to promote entrepreneurship and competitivness.

Photo gallery from the Conference and the round table is available here.
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