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SEECEL's first regional conference

SEECEL is proud to announce its 1st regional conference entitled: “From policy principles to policy action: South East European region's response to the European Small Business Act's recommendations for lifelong entrepreneurial learning.” The conference will be held on May 10 – 11, 2010 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, under the umbrella of the EU SME week. You can find the announcement link here.

The conference will focus on the strategic development of entrepreneurial learning as a key competence with a specific focus on ISCED 2 and ISCED 5/6 level and the development of systematic training needs analysis (TNA) on a national and regional level.

The conference is a place for face-to-face communication and mutual learning, a platform of exchange of experiences, good practices, debate and consensus building on concrete proposals in order to foster consistency of policies and practical initiatives within and across the SEE countries. Moreover, the working basis of the conference is the so called Open Method of Coordination principle used at the EU level, i.e. an involvement of countries to work together towards the achievement of common priorities in the field of entrepreneurial learning. 
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