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SEECEL's publication: A Key Competence Approach in Practice

Zagreb, Croatia – SEECEL has developed and published an "A Key Competence Approach in Practice" publication. Developing the lifelong entrepreneurial learning system (LLEL) and an entrepreneurial culture is considered as a key strategic policy of many countries. LLEL is highlighted in many policy documents, and both educational professionals and policy makers are becoming aware of the importance of an entrepreneurial culture and a lifelong entrepreneurial learning system to support the growth of an entrepreneurial mindset.

One of the most important steps in the development of entrepreneurship in any society is the preparation of an entrepreneurial infrastructure, in which the creation of entrepreneurial culture is one of the most important aspects. Current evidence suggests that „teachers and schools are key agents“ in the entrepreneurial infrastructural chain which leads from entrepreneurial schools towards an entrepreneurially literate society.
Building on these ideas, in 2010, SEECEL began a structured cooperation of eight EU pre-accession countries for the development of a common Entrepreneurial Learning: a Key Competence Approach (ELKCA) instrument. This instrument was strategically piloted at 31 ISCED 2 schools in eight countries during the school year 2011/2012. This bottom-up piloting approach was aimed at the implementation of SEECEL- defined learning outcomes, in-service teacher training and school management training, as well as the development of entrepreneurial schools. Not only does the strategic regional piloting of the SEECEL instrument give concrete results for all SEECEL member states but it also provides support to existing national developments in terms of experience, instruments, tools and networks.

The regional pilot also gave birth to the regional network of entrepreneurial institutions and is supporting the further development of LLEL on a daily basis. It is our wish and intention that the experiences from this pilot phase act as an impetus for the development for all school professionals, the curriculum, school and policy developers in the everyday development of LLEL as we believe that the developed SEECEL instrument and methodology have broader applicability. The strategic pilot generated a great deal of material – 300 lesson plans, numerous dedicated web sites, hundreds of pictures, videos, reports, and much more – not all of which could be included in this publication.

This publication is therefore the result of continuous students’ work of years, teachers and school management, and aims to showcase the current position and development of entrepreneurial learning and teaching. It also sets out some of the current implications of the development in the field and outlines future opportunities and plans, as was agreed upon and signed by the respective ministries of eight countries from the field of economy and education at the “A Charter for Entrepreneurial Learning: the Keystone for Growth and Jobs” summit. By embracing the idea that everyone can think and act entrepreneurially, we create the preconditions for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as set out in ‘Europe 2020’, the ‘SEE 2020 Strategy’ and the ‘EU Danube Strategy’, particularly because the ‘entrepreneurs of tomorrow are at our schools today.’

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