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SEECEL's publication: School Professional Toolkit

Zagreb, Croatia – SEECEL has developed and published a "School Professional Toolkit" publication. The preparation of a robust and comprehensive entrepreneurial infrastructure is essential for the development of entrepreneurship in any society. Teachers and schools have been recognized as key agents in the entrepreneurial infrastructural chain which leads from entrepreneurial schools towards an entrepreneurially literate society. In 2010, SEECEL began structured cooperation of eight EU preaccession countries for the development of a common Entrepreneurial Learning: a Key Competence Approach (ELKCA) instrument.

This publication presents the results of the strategic piloting of the ELKCA instrument in 31 schools in eight countries during the school year 2011/2012. The primary goal of the strategic pilot was to implement the instrument in real-life cases in a vast variety of institutions, national curricula, teacher training programmes, etc. The expected outcome of the strategic pilot was a set of documents that each school had to submit and give their report on the implementation of the instrument as well as their recommendations for steps forward – together these documents would give a clear review of the instrument and its applicability.

One of the key documents in this set was the school professional questionnaire distributed prior and post piloting, and which would measure the achievement of school professionals in acquiring entrepreneurial competences through basic (5-7 hours) and advanced training (25-30 hours). The results in regards to the internal consistency of the entrepreneurship-related learning outcomes are promising and indicate a high validity of the school professionals’ questionnaire. The factorial analysis resulted in scales in affective and cognitive learning domain. In addition, the quantitative section of the study addressed the question on entrepreneurial learning activities impact on the teachers’ and school management staff’s entrepreneurshiprelated learning outcomes in eight pre-accession countries in South East Europe and Turkey.

The analysis focused on changes that occurred in school professionals’ learning on the school, curricular and national level. Results obtained with this exhaustive research and the implemented practical solution can serve as an example on how entrepreneurial competences can be taught effectively across borders, in various national curricula, and serve as the foundation for future planning.

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