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SEECEL strategy gets "thumbs up"

At its first meeting in Zagreb on 28 October, the SEECEL Steering Committee gave unanimous approval to the Centre’s strategic plan and work programme which runs from 2009 to 2012. The Committee also approved the Centre’s statute which will allow for a smooth running of the Centre as it takes on the ambitious task of putting entrepreneurship at the heart of education in the EU’s pre-accession region.

Acting Director, Efka Heder was up beat when she talked the Committee through the plans and perspectives which won the approval of the Committee which includes education and economy policy makers from the countries of South Eastern Europe and Turkey. ’We need to send a signal to our partners in the European Union that we are serious about EU education and enterprise policy issues’, said Ms Heder, underlining the potential of SEECEL in building expertise in lifelong entrepreneurial learning across the region.

Marko Curavić who represents the European Commission on the Steering Committee was in no doubts about the opportunities which SEECEL could bring. ’What stands out here is how a range of countries have come together with a clear and common objective of mainstreaming entrepreneurship through the region’s learning systems," said Curavić, adding that the EU member countries had not engaged in such a collaborative and engaging exercise.

Tajana Kesić Šapić, State Secretary from the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship in Croatia and co-sponsor of SEECEL (the European Commission’s IPA Programme provides a second financing stream), welcomed all delegations’ contributions to the meeting and stressed the importance of partnership across the pre-accession region in addressing areas of common interest. ’No better place to co-work than on entrepreneurship education’, stressed Ms Kesić Šapić.

SEECEL’s three-year strategy centres round the following pillars: entrepreneurship key competence development in primary education, across-campus promotion of entrepreneurship in third level education and systemic data developments in enterprise skills. ’All actions are geared towards supporting the pre-accession region in improving performance on a set of indicators whose aim is to enhance each country’s progress in meeting the challenges of the European Small Business Act’, said Ms Heder. ’With the strategy and work programme approved, its now time to roll up sleeves and get on with the job,’ laughed Efka Heder, inviting her Committee to nominate national expert to join the three task teams which will be mobilised to deliver on the three SEECEL themes.

Congratulating the Committee on its first achievements, Tony Gribben of the European Training Foundation who sits on the Committee warned that SEECEL would now be sought after by entrepreneurship education enthusiasts. ’You are charting new waters and have raised high expectations. ETF is keen to borrow on your good practice’, he said.

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