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SEECEL welcomes the ET 2020

SEECEL welcomes the the adoption of the onclusions of the Council of the European Union on a strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (the "ET 2020").

This updated strategic framework builds on the progress made under the "Education and Training 2010" work programme and will provide continuing benefits Member States’ education and training systems up to the year 2020. It framework should address the following four strategic objectives:
  1. Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality;
  2. Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training;
  3. Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship;
  4. Enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training.
These strategic objcetives, most notably the 4th one , will in the context of the Open Method of Coordination pave the way towards further development and policies at the EU and SEE level aimed at promoting the acquisition by all citizens of transversal key competences (such as digital competence, learning to learn, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship) as well as ensuring a fully functioning knowledge triangle of education-research-innovation.

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