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SEEIC Ministerial Conference

Bečići, 9 December 2015 – The Government of Montenegro and the Regional Cooperation Council co-organized the Ministerial Conference of the South East Europe Investment Committee (SEEIC) entitled “Sustaining Growth in SEE through Increased Competitiveness” on 9 December 2015 in Bečići, Montenegro.

The main aim of the Conference was to endorse the results the SEEIC achieved since the endorsement of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy, addressing the challenges of regional economic developments through promoting reforms in investment and industrial policies that would facilitate competitive economic environment of the SEE and support integration of the regional market onto global economy.

South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) was represented at the meeting by Efka Heder, Director and Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director.

As SEECEL is a partner institution within the SEEIC initiative, Ms Heder addressed the meeting by sharing achieved developments and future perspectives performed in joint collaboration of SEECEL member states in creating entrepreneurial societies in line with Small Business Act for Europe (SBA).
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