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Senior Enterprise Featured on RTE Television in Ireland

Over 50? Thinking of Starting a Business?

Senior Enterprise was the theme in an episode of the popular RTE series, Nationwide in Ireland, broadcasted on 20 January 2014.

The programme featured interviews with a number of Senior Enterprise role models, including Ms Paula Fitzsimons, Project Co-ordinator.

Senior Enterprise, an EU supported initiative, is designed to raise awareness and change perception about the possibilities of engagement with enterprise for those aged 50 and over. It might be through starting business alone or with others, investing in a business, or becoming an advisor to an entrepreneur or supporting a business owned by someone else.

There is a perception that after 50, best days are behind us, however, Paula Fitzsimons, takes a different approach in that she points out that in Ireland, 4,400 senior entrepreneurs have set up their business and over 10,000 who decided to invest in a business owned by someone else.

The European Union has many challenges posed by an ageing population, and the need to increase entrepreneurial productivity across the EU. In this way, it is hoped that more business will have been started, more investments will have been made, and at the same time, senior citizens will be active in these developments.

As one of the women entrepreneurs put it, 'We underestimate what we've learned through life. If you have a good idea, a good product and are willing to ask for and take advice, anything is possible'.

Ms Fitzsimons points out that there is an endeavour to raise awareness not only among those 50 and over but also to change mind-sets of policy makers. This is how a country can get back on its feet - 'by individual people taking small steps, each generating activity and perhaps employing people' said Ms Fitzsimons.

There are business ideas all around us; all we need is a little imagination and motivation to bring them to fruition. There is a saying „Age is but a number! “

Given our interest in the field of senior enterpreneurship, SEECEL fully supports the "good practice examples" such as the ones presented in this motivating story.

To view the full episode please click here.
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