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Skills for the future – South Eastern Europe and Turkey

Tirana, 6 October 2014 – The conference entitled “Skills for the future – South Eastern Europe and Turkey” has brought ministers of education and employment from South Eastern Europe and Turkey together with policy leaders from the European Union, as well as SEECEL, the European and regional social partners.

Considering many changes that are affecting education and training systems, Human Resource Development (HRD) becomes priority today needed to face challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, the purpose of the Conference was to exchange views and share experiences on their long-term skills visions and their efforts to adjust skills policies and HRD systems. Moreover, the Conference has validated the results of the FRAME project and has offered an opportunity to identify next steps while reflecting on areas where improvement is needed.

This Conference was an excellent opportunity for ministers and other participants to reflect on how skills policies and best practices can be used to foster competitiveness, employment and social inclusion.

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL Director attended the Conference.

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