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South East Europe Competitiveness Outlook Week

Paris, 10 March 2015 – SEECEL participated within the South East Europe Competitiveness Outlook Week, Day 2, Smart Growth at the OECD headquarters. The event was organized by the OECD to discuss draft findings at the regional level across four different policy dimensions.
The Smart Growth Pillar introductory presentations were given by the OECD, Mr Alan Paić, Head of the Investment Compact for South East Europe and Mr Jakob Fexer, SEE Competitiveness Outlook Project Manager. Introductory presentations were followed by the dimension-specific analysis and discussions.
The first dimension focused on Education and Competitiveness, where SEECEL and ERISEE are responsible for the coordination of data collection in the South East Europe countries. The upcoming dimensions addressed draft findings within the Research and Innovation, Digital Society and Cultural and Creative Sectors dimensions.
Ms Maja Ljubić, SEECEL Assistant Director and Mr Stjepan Srhoj, SEECEL Programme Officer and Liaison, attended the conference.
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