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Supporting Women's Entrepreneurship

Tirana 14-15 May – SEECEL continues to support the Women's Entrepreneurship through its Phase 2 activities under the project “Women Entrepreneurship – A Job Creation Engine for South Eastern Europe”.

The second phase of the project is focused on development of training modules for train the trainers’ activity but also on defining the criteria for good practice examples.

Therefore, SEECEL gathered eighteen women entrepreneurs from nine participating countries to form a working group that will work on finalisation of necessary deliverables. The working group is comprised of members of the most representative national associations of business women and women entrepreneurs.

Ms Evisi Kopliku, National SBA Coordinator and Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Albania, opened the meeting and was there to support Women's Entrepreneurship as an economic issue.
Welcoming the Working Group to Tirana, Ms Evisi Kopliku pointed out that in creating meaningful jobs “Entrepreneurs can provide powerful solutions. They are drivers of economic growth, innovation and competitiveness.  Specifically, it is start-ups and SME’s that hold the keys to job creation.”  In the framework of SEECEL, Ms Kopliku referred to the self-assessment indicators for women entrepreneurship policies which have been reviewed. Based on the evaluation of the 2013 Indicators,  she said “ it clearly shows the need for further policies to be undertaken, as well as the importance of such activities that bring us together to discuss and further commit ourselves to real and practical solutions with the aim of boosting women entrepreneurship”. She went on to say that “it is time we pool our knowledge, resources, capital and networks to turn entrepreneurship into a development tool for our societies and economies”.

Ms Efka Heder, SEECEL’s Director, reiterated that sharing of knowledge and cooperating with others, encouraging and inspiring will lead to growth of start-ups and SME’s, especially on women start-ups as they will help the economy and create jobs.

SEECEL´s Key Experts Ms Lucia Usurelu and Mr Jakob Modeer facilitated the work of this working group and their work was supported by SEECEL staff, namely Ms Efka Heder, Director, Ms Maja Ljubić, Assistant Director, Mr Josip Berka, Financial Project Officer, Ms Biserka Sanković, Project Administrative Assistant and Mr Stjepan Srhoj, Intern.
Mr Jakob Modeer presented the hands-on training and stressed the importance of engaging the participants in role-playing enabling them to form and mould the “to be” training modules. He concluded by saying how only working together we can boost women’s entrepreneurship.

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