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Third Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region

Vienna, 26 - 27 June 2014 – Representatives from fourteen Danube countries gathered at the conference to discuss the future actions and how to help advance the development of the Danube Region.

The event, sponsored by the European Commission, Republic of Austria and City of Vienna, focused on discussions about the challenges facing the Danube Region such as: cooperation between representatives of cities and regions in the Danube countries; on teacher networking to promote entrepreneurial education in the Danube Region; on how to get involved with the Danube communities. The more stakeholders become involved in the funding and partnerships, the greater is the chance for the Strategy to succeed.

Under the slogan of the Forum "We grow together - together we grow – Empowered for a prosperous and inclusive Danube Region", a series of activities called the ‘Danube Cosmos’ took place and they included workshops, stands and speakers on the subject of the Strategy.

Commissioner Hahn closed the event by saying: “Go out there and spread the news on opportunities and possibilities from the European Strategy for Danube Region”:

SEECEL takes part in the EUSDR under the Priority Area 8 of the Danube Strategy Action Plan, including cluster development together with the Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and is also the coordinator of the working group on Entrepreneurial Learning for 14 countries of the Danube Strategy. Therefore, SEECEL’s representatives, Ms Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director and Ms Sonja Šegvić, Office and Event Manager were present at this event to present SEECEL activities and to take part in the exhibition.
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