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Teachers Knowledge Base

In cooperation with 8 SEECEL member states’ national experts, SEECEL developed the learning outcomes for entrepreneurial learning as a key competence in line with EU policy framework for entrepreneurial learning.

The developed SEECEL instruments were strategically piloted in 8 SEECEL member states within SEECEL’s entrepreneurial school network.
The results from the strategic piloting are available at SEECEL´s web site.

For the successful implementation of entrepreneurial learning as a key competence and for further developing the lifelong entrepreneurial learning, it is necessary to work on development of materials for teachers. For that purpose SEECEL developed Teachers Knowledge Base.

Teachers all over the world are very welcome to use these materials and to share with us their experience in implementation. We are inviting teachers to also share with us their teaching materials (lesson plans).

SEECEL is fully respecting intellectual property right of lesson plans authors.
Usage of Teachers Knowledge Base is free of charge but requires registration. You are invited to register here. SEECEL editorial board will contact you upon you submit your request.

TKB is developed exclusively through knowledge sharing principle and with contribution of teachers who enthusiastically and professionally shared their knowledge and experience in order to introduce the entrepreneurial learning as a key competence into our education system and to further work on fostering the life-long entrepreneurial learning at regional level.

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