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Training Needs Analysis - what entrepreneurs need

"Europe needs more entrepreneurs, more innovation and more high-growth SMEs. This is why it is necessary to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people. The important role of education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors is now widely recognized." - European Commission

SEECEL has developed a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) tool to support the up-skilling of entrepreneurs in the region as a means to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of regional economies. Based on the results from the first TNA, the SEECEL is working on the development of new improved generation of TNA toolbox which will be tested among the small business community in the SEECEL Member States.

Parallel to this process, SEECEL has initiated activities for defining the first set of criteria for Quality Assurance (QA) for training providers by setting the methodological framework and providing the necessary support for implementation of developed instrument in SEECEL Member Countries.

QA is one of the most important preconditions in training provision, since it ensures that training contributes towards improving the SMEs’ performance and becoming more competitive through acquisition of new skills and knowledge, increasing human resource competences, improving communication methods, finding new creative ways to solve problems, continuous learning, and personal and organisational development.

Training Needs Analysis for SMEs
Click here or the image to download SEECEL publication: "Training Needs Analysis for SMEs - Western Balkans and Turkey Experience"

Training Needs Analysis and Quality Assurance for SMEs
Click here or the image to download SEECEL publication: "Training Needs Analysis and Quality Assurance
for SMEs -  Western Balkans and Turkey  Experience"

Videos as a learnig tool

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