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Training of schools’ directors in development of entrepreneurial key competence within schools

Within the EU funded project “Entrepreneurial Learning in Education Systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, training of elementary and secondary schools directors has been organised. Totally 43 school directors from all Bosnia and Herzegovina participated this event that has been held at Jahorina near Sarajevo on November 18th and 19th, 2014.
The objective of the training was to improve competences of directors to develop “entrepreneurial school” and provide conditions and environment for entrepreneurial learning as well as to develop a school based partnership for entrepreneurial learning. The schools will be further involved in introduction of entrepreneurial key competence in school learning and in development of school partnership within their communities and in interaction with other stakeholders (especially with entrepreneurs). Programmes for integration of entrepreneurial key competences into the school learning at ISCED levels 2 and 3, based on SEECEL’s learning outcomes and Guidelines for creating of school-based partnerships for the development of entrepreneurial key competence in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina were developed by Project’s working groups. Documents were delivered to school directors.
The directors supported this initiative having in mind its benefits to the students in schools as well as the concept of education and trainings that is in favour of entrepreneurial thinking based on the individual development, including all basic principles of effectives in everyday life that would lead to the entrepreneurial literacy for the society in general.  Trainings for teachers from 22 pilot schools and for 29 pedagogical advisors from all Pedagogical institutes in Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow.
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