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WETNAS Working Group meets in Skopje: SEECEL and national experts work on the regional WETNAS instrument

Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – after the successful launch of the project  „Women Entrepreneurship – A Job Creation Engine for South East Europe“ funded by SIDA and the establishment of the working group which consists of nine national experts (one per each participating country) led by key expert, Mr Igor Nikoloski, in accordance with the agreed timeline SEECEL organised the first regional workshop that was held from 28–30 November 2012.

The workshop brought together the members of the WETNAS working group which will help SEECEL in its activity of developing a Women Entrepreneurship Training Needs Analysis System (WETNAS) tool to support the up skilling of women entrepreneurs in the region with the final target of increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of regional economies.
During the two-days gathering, the members of WETNAS working group from participating countries actively participated in the work, commented and discussed the draft questionnaire developed by key expert Mr Nikoloski and agreed on the draft outline of the instrument. Mr Igor Nikoloski demonstrated the online demo version of the questionnaire which will be implemented at the regional level in spring months next year (tentatively in March/April 2013). In each of nine countries, the implementation of the questionnaire will be conducted by the proposed relevant business associations, e.g. chambers, employers’ associations, business women associations, etc.

Although this workshop for WETNAS WG is envisaged to be the only one during the project implementation at this stage, the appointed members of the WETNAS working group will further continue to communicate and work on agreed next steps at the Community of Practice (CoP), the platform developed to support all the actions and to serve as knowledge and information sharing tool.
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