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Women Entrepreneurs – Five Pillars for Growth Exhibition

Bruxelles, Belgium - Women entrepreneurship is the largest unexploited source of economic growth and yet it is being neglected and side-lined. There is an urgent and real need to encourage women entrepreneurship both at governmental levels, with educational programmes and straightforward access to financial support and at a societal level, with the need to boost entrepreneurial culture and make entrepreneurship an attractive, sound business option for women.

European Parliament's exhibition ''Women Entrepreneurs – 5 Pillars for Growth'' was conducted in period from 19-21 February 2013 in the European Parliament premises in Bruxelles. The purpose of the exhibition was to promote women entrepreneurship. Through this exhibition and with the help of its partners and Seldia (European Direct Selling Association), five clear issues are addressed, issues which are fundamental for the successful development of women entrepreneurship in Europe.

The EU is still lacking policies tailored to the cultivation of women entrepreneurship, policies that range from facilitating women access to financial support to entrepreneurial education. Creating platforms for women to network and exchange ideas is also paramount as it will not only spark innovation and innovative ideas, but will also render the women workforce confident, well prepared and ultimately successful.

This exhibition was based on 5 Pillars: Government policies, Education, Innovation, Networks and Access to Finance with intention to present information, issues and challenges in such a way that politicians wearing all colours and representing all corners of Europe are not only interested in the issue, but also want to get involved.

Through accurate and persuasive visual aids, discussions, presentations, recorded messages and physical space and time for networking, the aim is to bring issues related to female entrepreneurship closer to politicians and to ultimately encourage the European Parliament to eliminate obstacles that now hinder the progress of self- employed women.
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